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Sundown Products, a renowned name in pet supplies, faced a significant challenge with their existing website, which had become outdated and no longer served their evolving business needs. Recognising the potential in targeting different market segments, Sundown Products aspired to split their offerings into two distinct brands: Sundown Products for home users and Sundown Agri for the commercial and industrial sector.

Challenges, Goals, and Objectives

The primary challenge was the website’s inability to effectively represent the brand and cater to its diverse customer base. The goal was to revamp the online presence with a focus on user engagement and ease of navigation. The objective was clear: to create a distinct, feature-rich online platform that not only resonates with home users but also lays the groundwork for the upcoming Sundown Agri brand.

UI Design

UI Design

WordPress Development

WordPress Development


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Technical SEO


Our Solution

Granite 5 embarked on a journey to transform Sundown Products’ digital identity. We meticulously redesigned and rebuilt the website, introducing a modern, intuitive interface that significantly enhances user experience. A standout feature is the local retail outlet store finder, enabling customers to effortlessly locate their nearest stockists. Through bold imagery and compelling text, we repositioned Sundown Products as a confident, market-leading brand in pet supplies. Concurrently, we are gearing up for the next exciting phase: crafting and launching the Sundown Agri website for the commercial market.


Post-launch, the results were nothing short of spectacular:

  • A remarkable 41% increase in users and a 43% increase in sessions.
  • Organic traffic soared by 30%.
  • Engaged sessions went up by 81%.
  • Engagement rate jumped from 55% to an impressive 70%, a 26% uplift.
  • Average engagement time skyrocketed by 262%, from a mere 16 seconds to an engaging 57 seconds.

These statistics were visualised through engaging graphs, underscoring the significant improvements achieved.



The Sundown Products project stands as a testament to Granite 5’s expertise in delivering digital solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations. This successful venture has set the stage for the upcoming Sundown Agri website, promising further advancements in the client’s digital strategy.

We are delighted with the new website, we’ve had nothing but positive comments from all of our customers. Thank you Granite 5 for the first of many collaborations together.

Rachel Cubitt – Founder
Sundown Products


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