UKinbound champion the nation’s tourism sector, playing a vital role in lobbying the Government on key issues and raising the industry’s profile in the media and the country’s profile globally.

With over 400 members to keep happy and engaged, a new website was centre stage for their growth strategy.

A seamless integration with their member management CRM streamlines and automates previously onerous tasks and processes, and was the first step to delivering a much improved experience.

UKinbound thought we stood out from our digital agency peers for the user-centered design process, which put members’ online experience at the heart of the website’s design and development.

We demonstrated technical expertise in CRM integration, as well as an understanding that every membership organisation has its own unique opportunities and challenges – which made for a successful competitive pitch process.

  • UI and UX design
  • CRM integration
  • Membership portal
  • WordPress development
  • Strategy.

Highlight: ACT! CRM Integration

UKinbound were using an on-premises ACT! database solution with restricted access for their team.

Before the new website project kicked-off, we helped to migrate to the  web-based ACT! Cloud solution, which offers wider access to the team and makes the website integration less challenging and more robust.

Once the website to CRM integration was completed, the management of membership data was improved, and members are able to manage their own profiles, and job, news and event listings directly within the website.

All member updates (data) automatically synchronise into the ACT! Cloud platform for UKinbound to access and manage in one place, saving staff time and reducing data entry errors – a key objective for this project.