Helping organisations to engage, acquire and retain members

We understand the operational challenges facing membership organisations, often with limited time and resource; engaging your members, member acquisition and retention, driving change and raising standards.

This drives our focus to harness the power of digital to offer efficient member management, automated processes, seamless systems integrations, deliver awesome user experiences and launch effective campaigns.

Experience & expertise in the members space

We understand that every membership organisation and association has its own unique challenges, objectives and opportunities. While no two membership organisations are the same, our sector experience ensures a smooth process!!

Member acquisition and retention

Automate membership renewals and delivery of important reminders, latest content, event invitations and reports. Regular communication can help increase perceived value of membership.

Provide exceptional levels of customer services: quick responses to enquires, regular communication, efficient administration, clear messaging about change, transparent processes and procedures.

Incentivise your members for loyalty and making referrals, encourage participation to show off their expertise and share their positive experience.

Understanding your members and target members specific areas of interest enables your marketing and communications to be targeted, useful and engaging. Conversion is always improved with high quality and relevant content.

Offer relevant, accessible and unique benefits to your members, provide regular reminders about services they haven’t used before and constantly improve and change your benefits to respond to latest trends, insights and feedback.

Offering opportunities for your members to get involved and to display their thought leadership and expertise amongst your members, can help build their own profile and reputation, and to boost your own credibility, reputation and perception.

Member engagement

Effectively manage training programmes, events, exams, certifications, revalidation, CPD, and qualifications.

Access to restricted member-only content provides a privilege for members, and allows the delivery of the latest research, data and industry insight, delivered securely for members eyes only in a safe area.

Provide a platform for member to member communication, a forum to encourage online learning, sharing, debate and networking opportunities.

Help build, manage and engage your community, three important elements for any organisation and often based around trust, expertise and collaboration.

Deliver resources to make your members lives easier: resources, media and assets, research, papers, reports and more with filterable, searchable and clearly categorised content.

Around three in ten organisations use member name and / or member grade to personalise their content on the website whilst only two in ten use special interests. Understanding your members interest areas, expertise and specialisms is key to personalising content and maximum engagement.

Member management

Take your reporting to the next level, consolidate your CRM data, website analytics, social stats and any other data source into simple, readable and automated reports for your boards, committees, trustees and members.

Ensure that you meet data protection, GDPR and other legal compliance to protect your members and your organisation.

Collect and manage data more efficiently, be in control and create your own forms, allow members to manage mailing preferences / segmentation and manage their own profiles.

Improve quality, save time, reduce errors and enhance communication by digitising manual or offline processes, and harnessing technology to allow your members and stakeholders to self-serve.

Allow your members to maintain their own profiles through your website including contact info, interests, expertise, CPD activity and more.

Using specialist tools including MemberPress or CRM platforms like Subscriber, Wild Apricot, Access thankQ, ACT!, Dynamics or Salesforce make managing your membership database a seamless process.

Membership website projects

Members’ expectations of technology have exponentially increased in the past 5-10 years.

Their encounters with Netflix, Amazon, Spotify and Uber set the bar for every online encounter – especially those that elicit a strong identity affiliation, such as membership organisations.

With our experience of membership website design to draw from, we take insights from our stakeholder planning workshops and user story / impact mapping process to identify where marginal gains can be achieved in your existing website, or what is required to deliver an effective new website.

An example of membership website design

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