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Our team of website developers in Cambridge has been dedicated to the art of WordPress development since its inception in 2003.

With a focus on creating visually stunning, highly functional, and impactful websites, we have honed our skills to cater to various project requirements.

The versatility of WordPress makes it an exceptional platform for websites of any scale and purpose. Over the years, we have leveraged this powerful platform to deliver a wide range of successful projects, including advanced integrations, membership management platforms, elegant brochure-ware sites, and engaging campaign landing pages. Our proficiency in WordPress development allows us to bring creative ideas to life and provide our clients with exceptional digital solutions.


Taste of Japan


Save the Rhino


Association for Nutrition


We approached Granite 5 to help us create a brand and marketing strategy for our Japanese Food Imports business which was launching for the first time in the UK. We are delighted with the work undertaken so far, and would recommend Granite 5 to anyone looking for comprehensive digital marketing strategy, website design and web development services.

Bernard Lo – Director
Taste of Japan

Why we love WordPress

World’s biggest and best CMS

It is no coincidence that this elegantly simple and intuitive content management system has achieved over 64% market share.

We find our clients love the simplicity of the CMS, allowing them to effectively manage content and build engaging pages and campaigns.

We would be happy to give you a demo of some of the rich features that exist within the core WordPress system, and some of the ways in which we extend the capability of WordPress to allow for more advanced features and integrations.

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Ricky Clark – Senior Developer


Senior Developer

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