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User-focused strategy

We deliver strategy which closely aligns the needs of the user and the objectives of the organisation. An impact mapping process helps with this and gives a great insight into our pragmatic and agile approach.

Behind every project or campaign is a strategy we can measure against, with clear KPIs, goals and metrics.

We seize every opportunity to empower our ideas and decisions with data, analysis and insight, leaving no stone unturned in planning the most suitable strategic approach to delivering your project or campaign.

A brand development planning session in progress

Discovery workshops

The discovery phase of a project or campaign is where we get to dive deeper into your requirements, goals and stakeholders expectations. It’s where we present options, prioritise features and ask questions.

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Research and analysis

Research and analysis

We conduct thorough research and analysis to make smart decisions. We look at what’s happening in the market, understand how your audience behaves, and use this information to create effective strategies.

User personal planning

User personas

We work with you to create user personas, which are in-depth analysis of your ideal customer and their behaviour patterns. By understanding your ideal customer profile, we can create messages and strategies that really connect with them.

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Impact mapping / prioritisation

We create visually appealing, interactive, and efficient digital experiences, contributing to better communication, user engagement, and overall success in conveying information online.

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Content strategy

Content strategy is all about planning, creating, delivering, and governing content. It helps us create messages that make sense, reach the right people, and drives sales.

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Marketing strategy session in progress

Digital marketing strategy

Our digital marketing strategy will serve as a roadmap to help your business effectively connect with your audience, build brand awareness, and achieve sustainable growth.

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Strategic approach

Every project requires a strategy, but we dive deeper and develop a strong strategy when the challenge or question requires more consideration, for example;

  • Best way to target a new market vertical?
  • How to increase leads by 25%, or improve conversion by 10%?
  • Should SEO target local, national or international?
  • Which digital channels should we target first?
  • Can I change my domain name?
  • Which CRM, finance system or payment gateway do you recommend?
  • Should we migrate all old content to the new website?
  • Can we launch fast with a simple new site?
  • Should we keep a microsite or merge content into the parent site?


Our strategy process usually starts with a thorough digital marketing audit, either a full multi-channel audit across all channels or specific to your intended activity.

We leave no stone unturned in trying to understand your current situation and what you’re looking to achieve. Agreeing how to measure success is critical, targets are set and KPI’s agreed to keep our focus aligned to the specific needs of your organisation.

Most audits uncover some low hanging fruit, these are quick wins and can be easy to implement and often at low cost. We prioritise actions using MoSCoW taking into consideration cost, impact and effort.

Strategic direction

Strategy is embedded in to every project; simple brochure-ware websites, bespoke applications, social media campaigns or continuous improvement programmes.

We love guiding our clients through the different options, challenges and considerations to make joint decisions, involving them at every step of the process, or as much or little as they wish and require.

Completing user research is a great method to avoid making assumptions, guessing or pretending we already know the answer…

Digital Strategy chart

We approached Granite 5 to help us create a brand and marketing strategy for our Japanese Food Imports business which was launching for the first time in the UK. We are delighted with the work undertaken so far, and would recommend Granite 5 to anyone looking for comprehensive digital marketing strategy, website design and web development services.

Bernard Lo – Director
Taste of Japan

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