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Hawks’ has been in existence since 1872 and represents the best sportsmen in the University of Cambridge. The club currently boasts over 5,000 members worldwide.

Hosting a range of frequent social and sporting events, their funds and donations are used to make awards to University sportsmen and women to support their sporting development.

We have worked with Hawks’ since 2016, and launched the 2nd site for them in 2021.

UI Design

UI and UX Design

WordPress Development

WordPress Development


Members Directory


Salesforce Integration

User experience enhancements

Member experience

The new site is very much focused on the needs of the main user group, its members.

To enhance the member experience, we optimised the sites accessibility and content structure, simplified the event booking system, added a new members directory and improved the members dashboard.

A members-only area of the site is one of the key features offering many services including member to member communication, helping users find members by current location, sport, year or name, which helps reconnection with old team mates and meet new Hawks’ who may be near by.

An online event management function displays streamlines the management of bookings, payments, tickets, reminders, followups and provides automation features.



The primary objectives of the new website were very clear, and was to raise the profile of the events amongst its current members, university sportsmen, key influencers and the University, and to;

  • Provide a platform to enable better communication
  • Sell a range of merchandise online
  • Increase donations.

Salesforce integration

Salesforce is used for membership and event management, and the website integrates with it closely with bi-directional synchronisation of data.

We helped with the initial setup and migration to Salesforce in 2016, at which time we used the SOAP API integration method. The latest site continues to use SOAP for some features, but we’re slowly migrating to use the new REST API method for increased functionality and performance.

Many thanks for our new website, I can’t say enough about how it’s tailored to suit our needs especially the seamless link with our Salesforce. It has revolutionised how we interact with members which has significantly boosted the profile of the organisation.

Jonathan Dickins – Club Secretary
Hawks’ Club


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