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Our digital marketing agency works with one goal in mind – to make you successful. We go to great lengths to understand your objectives and aligning them to ensure the best outcomes for your organisation.

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About you…

You want to improve your online visibility and increase returns from your website?

Are you unable to achieve the ROI you want via your current online marketing strategy or feel you are falling behind with digital innovation & changes in the search landscape? As a digital marketing agency, we often work with companies who have a marketing department but require additional digital support or with business owners who do not have and do not need a dedicated marketing team. Providing a personalised, transparent service aimed to give measurable results with clear reporting.

Together, we can…

Create a digital marketing strategy that raises your profile across the web enabling you to achieve your online ambitions.  

There’s no quick-fix. But with the right tools, techniques and insights, digital marketing raises your online profile and amplifies your brand messaging. Granite 5 can help you achieve outstanding long-term returns.  And because you’re really busy, we’ll keep tabs on all your web metrics through our comprehensive tracking and KPI monitoring.  We will even sum it all up in a monthly report, with an array of useful analysis and tactical recommendations.

Digital marketing services

We have a proven approach to delivering effective online marketing strategies and achieving great results.

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SEO services that generate more organic traffic & new business.

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ROI focused Google Ads and Bing paid search campaigns.

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SMARTT contracts

The one-stop-shop for analysing, optimising, promoting & supporting websites.

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Our digital marketing process

Step 1 - Where are you now?

The first step of any new project is to understand your current position and history. We gather relevant information about your project, why now, who is it for, what is the purpose and what has or hasn’t worked well in the past. During an initial project scope meeting we will gather information on the following:

  • What is your business and website history?
  • How are your customers currently using online channels to discover, choose & buy your products / services?
  • How is your competitive landscape shaped?
  • What are the competition doing? What do they do well and not so well?
  • What are your internal capabilities and resources?
  • What are your current traffic and conversion rates?
  • How can Granite 5 help you with this project?

Stage 2 - What you want to accomplish?

Every website should aim to accomplish something and it doesn’t need to be the old cliche of “make more money”. We want to understand your key objectives, whether to sell more, save more, better communications, improved customer service or increased brand awareness. Once this is understood specific SMART objectives can be set that align with your business goals.

Do you want the website to:

  • Generate more inbound leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Educate the audience
  • Get more online sales or donations
  • Collect email addresses

Stage 3 - How we achieve your objectives?

Knowing where to start can be the hardest thing. Creation of the SEO strategy is the “big picture” phase. It summarises how we aim to achieve the objective.

A workable strategy

  • Has clear objectives and a vision for the future
  • Gives direction in order to achieve the objectives outlined earlier in the process
  • Has a method of monitoring and scheduled reviews to help avoid strategic drift.

Stage 4 - How we will manage this?

This phase is about outlining the steps we are going to take, the tactics and their desired results.

  • What digital channels will we use?
  • What budget is allocated where?
  • Setting up a project framework with milestones?
  • Who will manage what?
  • Decide KPI’s to measure?

Stage 5 - How do we monitor performance?

What will success look like for you? How will your project progress be monitored, how will we gather feedback. Measuring the effectiveness of the digital campaign should be bespoke and tailored to your goals. Our monthly reports and meetings will keep you up to date with progress on the digital marketing and SEO. The report could include:

  • Sales or leads generated
  • Traffic and website activity
  • Number of signups
  • Website usability stats
  • Reviews & recommendations
  • Work undertaken by Granite 5.

12th November 18

Having worked with Granite 5 for almost 2 years, they have a great insight into our business. We are now almost totally reliant on digital marketing and our business has strengthened considerably over the last years thanks to our collaboration with Granite 5.

Andy McCulloch – Marketing Director, Casas Cantabricas

Andy McCulloch – Marketing Director, Casas Cantabricas Andy McCulloch – Marketing Director, Casas Cantabricas

19th November 18

Granite 5 have helped to transform our online marketing. Their continued support has achieved some great results for our business, significantly improving both our online and offline revenue.

Kelvin Golding – Marketing Director, Brake and Service World

Kelvin Golding – Marketing Director, Brake and Service World Kelvin Golding – Marketing Director, Brake and Service World

12th November 18

Since signing up to a SMARTT contract Granite 5 have produced some great results for our business which have really helped to build our brand in a very competitive marketplace.

Richard Beary – Founding Director, Borney Branding Ltd

12th November 18

Granite 5 have achieved some great results for our business, not least generating more web traffic and significantly improving our conversion rates.

Tim Hedges – Managing Director, ODC Glass

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