Cambridge-based architect Richard Penman has an impressive portfolio of high-end commercial and private architectural projects up to a value of £3m.

The objective for the practices new website was crystal clear; to deliver a premium high-end site with an aspirational feel.

Inspired by beautifully simple existing offline materials and a suite of stunning photography, the minimalist architects website was developed with space, simplicity and elegance in mind.

  • UI design
  • WordPress development
  • Content strategy
  • SEO.
Penman architects website

Elegance and simplicity

It’s always a pleasure working on projects which demand something a little unique or different, with extra style and flair.

For Penman this was achieved by keeping things simple; using white space, a single type style, concise copy and clean graphical styles and elements – modern and minimalist.

Thanks for producing a great little site we can all be really proud of.

Smart. Simple. Sophisticated.


Richard Penman, Founding Director

Penman Architect