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Intelligent Fingerprinting offers a revolutionary approach to drug testing. Their innovative fingerprint drug testing system provides on-the-spot results in just 10 minutes by analysing fingerprint sweat. This non-invasive, hygienic, and cost-effective method has been adopted by various sectors, from retail to construction to manufacturing, transport and logistics. 

The client aimed to establish themselves as the go-to solution for rapid, non-invasive drug testing. They faced challenges in effectively communicating the benefits of their unique technology to a wider audience that had potentially already been using traditional drug testing methods for years. 

Digital strategy

Content Strategy

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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Our Solution: 

As their digital marketing agency, we undertook a comprehensive approach;

Content Creation 

We overhauled the on-page content across the Intelligent Fingerprinting website, optimising it for SEO to ensure higher visibility and to provide the target audience with all the necessary information to make informed decisions. Our content strategy was designed to not only attract but also educate and convert visitors.

White Paper Production

We authored and designed an authoritative white paper titled “Fingerprint Drug Testing in the Workplace.” This document served as a valuable resource for businesses considering Intelligent Fingerprinting’s solutions, positioning the client as a thought leader in the industry. 

Social Media 

Leveraged platforms to showcase client testimonials, product demos, and industry news. Initially we used Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn however after months of experimentation and careful tracking of results we found LinkedIn to be the most valuable asset in terms of conversions and focused more time and energy on growing engagement on that platform. 

Performance Optimisation

We closely monitored the performance of each keyword and ad group, making adjustments as needed. Low-performing keywords were either removed or optimised to reduce wasted ad spend and improve overall campaign efficiency. 

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Our combined efforts led to a 58% uplift in traffic to the client’s website. Notably, the bounce rate saw a significant reduction, dropping by 55% from 45% to 29%. Furthermore, the number of engaged sessions skyrocketed by 375%, moving from 3.6% to an impressive 13.5%. These metrics are a testament to the positive impact our strategies had on user engagement and retention. Overall, the client’s testimonial section and the surge in product inquiries indicate the success of our strategies. 


From visually appealing infographics to compelling ad creatives, our deliverables not only resonated with the target audience but also solidified Intelligent Fingerprinting’s position in the market. 

Working with Granite 5 has been a transformative experience for Intelligent Fingerprinting. Their forward thinking approach to digital marketing has not only amplified our brand’s presence but also resulted in tangible business growth. From compelling content to targeted ad campaigns, their strategies were spot-on.

Terry Elvin, Head of UK Sales
Intelligent Fingerprinting Solutions

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