Meeting at Cambridgeshire chambers of Commerce
Meeting at Cambridgeshire chambers of Commerce

Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce

Membership website upgrade for local Chambers

Membership of the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce (CCCI) provides local businesses with a networking platform and access to a range of benefits including legal, training, advice and export services, aimed at helping to raise the profile of members in the local business community.

We delivered our first digital project for CCCI in 2009 and have worked with them since providing support, hosting and digital marketing services. The old site stood the test of time (nine years) so we had a tough benchmark to beat.

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Happy agreement - Chamber of commerce website - Cambridgeshire

November 2020

We’ve worked successfully with Granite 5 for many years. When it came to building our website, they helped us understand what was possible and steered us in the right direction to help us meet our business objectives. They’re a great company to work with too – honest, great communicators and committed to creating the very best result for their customers.

Sadie Parr

Communications Co-ordinator

Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce


We started the website redesign process by reviewing the branding, and gently evolved the existing identity to modernise the logo and brand palette, and develop a range of graphical assets to use throughout all marketing.

A membership organisation connecting Cambridge business

The new website allows Cambridgeshire businesses to self-serve though it’s members’ dashboard, improving member retention though the simple-to-use UX. Member acquisition is also improved though simple and painless all-in-one sign-up process, with the application sent to their CRM and taking payment seamlessly.

We speak your language

The Chamber of Commerce use a specialist CRM which required a close working partnership with their third-party specialist to resolve issues, from character encoding to handshaking between their Windows-based software, and the Linux-hosted WordPress website.

We were able to lead the design and development of a new approach to connect two contrasting systems, creating trouble-free bidirectional communication between the new website, and their CRM.

Web design mockup for Cambridge business

User experience

Key to the success of the new website was delivering a positive and intuitive experience, with good content hierarchy and categorisation, specifically for the six local areas within the Cambridgeshire Chamber.

Colour coding and categorisation is used for all content making it easier for users to find and consume the most relevant content.