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Hertfordshire Independent Living Service (HILS) began as a community initiative to deliver meals on wheels and has evolved into a comprehensive service provider for independent living. The organisation’s growth from a single site to a multi-county operation exemplifies its commitment to community service and adaptability. 


HILS needed to rebrand to reflect their expanded services and geographical reach. A thorough market analysis was conducted to ensure the new branding resonated with the existing audience and attracted new clients in the expanded regions. 

The expansion required a seamless integration of services across new counties without disrupting the current operations. Stakeholder engagement workshops were held to understand the needs and expectations of the new counties, ensuring a tailored approach to service integration. 


Brand Development

WordPress Development

WordPress Development


Design Process

SEO Audits

SEO Audit

Goals and Objectives 

Build the New Site

The goal was to create a user-friendly, informative, and visually appealing website. User experience (UX) research and design thinking methodologies were employed to create a site that meets the users’ needs. 

Update Branding

Updating the branding to reflect the new scope of services and expanded geographical coverage. A collaborative approach with branding experts and key stakeholders ensured the new branding was aligned with the organisation’s ethos. 

Streamline Structure

The organisational structure was streamlined for efficiency and scalability. Adopting a flexible organisational structure allowed for quick adaptation to changes and growth. 

Make Future Proof for New Service Expansions

Ensuring the new site and branding could accommodate future expansions. Building a robust content management system (CMS) that allows for easy updates and scalability. 


Our Solution: 

Step-by-Step Design of All Pages and Functionality: 

A meticulous design process was followed, with each page and feature being carefully planned and executed. Iterative design and testing ensured that each page met the functional and aesthetic needs of the users. 

Build Bespoke Postcode Service Finder: 

A custom tool was developed to help users find services in their area quickly. The tool was built using agile development practices, allowing for continuous improvement based on user feedback. 

Make All Sections Editable by a Knowledgeable Client: 

The CMS was designed to be user-friendly, allowing HILS staff to make updates without technical assistance. Providing training and documentation ensured that the client could effectively use the CMS. 



Brand Recognition

The rebranding was successfully implemented, with positive feedback from stakeholders and clients. Post-launch monitoring and brand tracking were used to measure the impact of the new branding. 

Increased Accessibility

The postcode service finder improved the accessibility of services, with an increase in user engagement. User analytics were employed to refine the tool for better performance and user satisfaction. 

Client Empowerment

The client’s ability to manage and update the website has led to a more dynamic and responsive service offering. Ongoing support and a clear escalation process were established to assist the client with any complex updates or issues. 


The project with HILS stands as a beacon of successful collaboration, blending innovative digital solutions with a deep understanding of the client’s mission. The rebranding and website redevelopment have not only met the immediate needs of HILS but have also equipped them with tools for future growth and adaptability. This endeavour showcases the transformative power of strategic digital initiatives in enhancing service delivery and community engagement in the non-profit sector. 

Our partnership with Granite 5 has been transformative, elevating our digital presence and empowering us to better serve our community. Their expertise and understanding of our mission have been invaluable.

Hertfordshire Independent Living Service

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