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Jack introduces Hotjar, the audience behaviour tracking tool.

Customers are often amazed when we share what our professional tools can deliver, which is what inspired this new Tools of the Trade feature (TotT).

In our first article, our digital account manager Jack Greenacre introduces HotJar, one of the industry leading audience behaviour tools that provides us with excellent data and insight to to help inform our decisions.

Research from Northern Arizona University shows 88% of online users are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience. This is why we use the leading tools to help us provide website users with the best possible website experience.

HotJar is an amazing tool that we use to understand how customers and users browse and interact with our clients’ websites. HotJar has several valuable features which helps us to do this, such as heatmaps, screen recordings and feedback forms. The team use a combination of these to identify user pain points, and to highlight opportunities which can lead to higher user engagement and greater conversion rates. Below we explore the elements of HotJar that we love.


Heatmaps from HotJar allow us to see where users click, move, and even scroll on a website. This helps us to identify ineffective buttons, content that’s not being read and sections that are beyond the scroll depth. For example, reviewing the below heatmap, we need to ensure that all images are clickable as users generally click on the image rather than the title text.

Hotjar screenshot


Screen recordings provide a video of users scrolling and clicking behaviour. This helps to paint a picture of the overall user journey, i.e. when a user lands on a page, what steps do they take; click, scroll, drag, input.

Recordings help to highlight any pain points, i.e. does a user keep clicking on something that can’t be clicked, or do they keep moving around the page without taking any action. This can be a sign of user frustration and can result in the user bouncing from the website. HotJar will categorise these recordings from low to high and you can then filter by how many pages a user has visited and the session duration.


Another useful feature of HotJar is the live feedback functionality. This is popup feature that a user can click to provide instant feedback of their experience on the website. The instant response from ‘live’ users can highlight any urgent issues that a user may be experiencing.



HotJar is such a valuable tool in our marketing arsenal. It provides relevant, up-to-date data which can be used to create a more worthwhile user experience, and often proving assumptions wrong.

If you would like to learn more about how this tool can help your organisation, please get in touch with Jack, James or Simon on 01223 208008.

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