Email marketing continues to be a highly effective inbound marketing technique to pull users in.

By subscribing to your email newsletter, your fans, followers and friends and have shown a clear intent to lend you their ears for your targeted content.

Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to shout about your products, services, and brand to engage your mailing list.

It is usually much easier to encourage loyalty from your existing customers, members, and fans, that it is to find new audiences

  • Email marketing campaign strategy
  • Content creation
  • Distribution including automation
  • Segmentation
  • Insights and analysis
  • ROI reporting.
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Mailchimp is one of the oldest and most popular email marketing platforms, which we use to deliver campaigns and collect data for Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre, Brake & Service World, Pocklington Trust, Association for Nutrition and Borney Branding.

Mailchimp provides an easy to use campaign builder, great reporting and a free-tier for sending to a maximum of 10,000 emails/month.


HubSpot is our preferred email marketing platform, we love the advanced automation tools for delivering efficient lead nurturing campaigns.

We use HubSpot to deliver email campaigns for DC Norris, Cambridge Business & Professional Club and our own email campaigns.

We deliver campaigns for Prior using Constant Contact, one of the early email platforms which isn’t so popular today, but still offers some great features for managing campaigns and building loyalty with your fans.


Active Campaign is one of the newest players in the marketing and benefits from some great features like predictive sending, automation, conditional content and geo tracking.

Møller Institute use Active Campaign to keep in regular contact with their customers to build loyalty and drive engagement.


Email marketing expertise

Data capture and subscription management – know when and how to collect data, the do’s and don’ts of data capture including legal compliance and best practice for your sector.

Loyalty – there are different strategies around building loyalty for your brand, don’t give too much away too early, drip feed, reward your raving fans regularly.

A/B testing – we’ve helped clients to text different templates, messages and content to great effort, optimising their efforts in email!