Are you looking for a partner to help integrate your website with your Salesforce CRM platform, or to help you to migrate to Salesforce?

We have a wealth of experience integrating charity, membership and business websites with Salesforce Lightning Essentials, Professional, Enterprise and NfP Success Pack for charities.

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Salesforce integration & website delivery process

Salesforce integration options

Salesforce Web 2 lead

The Web 2 lead option enables your websites data capture forms to be directly injected into Salesforce as a new lead or case.

  • Set up a campaign for each form on your website.
  • Consider using captcha to stop robots and spam forms from injecting in to Salesforce.
  • If you use the same form on different pages we can capture the URL which tells you which page leads are generated from.
    Consider duplications – use a plug-in such as dupeCatcher to stop duplicate records if a user completes and enquiry form or signs up to your newsletter.

Salesforce Web services API

The advanced API (application programming interface) option is available in Salesforce Enterprise Edition or above, and allows two-way communication between your website and Salesforce, for example:

  • Authentication for login to your website using details stored in Salesforce.
  • Directory information can be pulled from Salesforce and displayed on your site, and edited within your site by user, which is then passed back to Salesforce.
  • Ecommerce website product feed (pull), shipping information (pull), orders (push) and delivery paperwork (pull).
  • A 360 degree view of your users: What they have brought, which events they have attended.
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