When WordPress isn’t a perfect fit for a specific set of requirements, we use either raw PHP development or piggy-back a PHP framework, usually Laravel.

Our core skillset is PHP, however as long as there is an API endpoint we’re happy to integrate with applications written in any language.

About 10% of our projects are not based on WordPress development, however nearly all projects require some degree of bespoke and customised website development, for example that might be writing a WordPress plugin to deliver a unique feature, or building an integration with another platform.


  • Custom applications
  • API development
  • Advanced integrations
  • Online tools and services.

Bespoke projects

We developed this platform using Laravel in 2019, the feature list included a number of sophisticated elements which wouldn’t fit nicely into WordPress.

Whilst the front-end is very simple, the backend includes a points scoring system based upon timed clicks on embedded video content.

The TME website front-end is built using WordPress, which connects to via an API to a Laravel back-end which provides the data and querying of over 1m trademark record.

Moving the data crunching away from WordPress helps to deliver a more manageable database structure and faster processing of search queries.