Trademark Eagle

Integrated digital marketing strategy and advanced Salesforce integration.

One of our neighbours at Valley Court Offices, we helped to launch Trademark Eagle in 2012, with the ambition of ensuring that navigating trademark law remains both simple and affordable.

Provided with up to date information from both the UK’s Intellectual Property Office and the European Union Trademark Registry, Trademark Eagle’s sophisticated website satisfies the increasing demand for an online automated system.



The primary objective was to create an online trademark registration website which was easy to use, simple to understand and cost effective for the end user. The main features of the site were to:

  • Enable real-time trademark searches
  • Enable online purchase of UK and EU trademarks
  • Drive paid and organic search traffic to the website.


Comparing results for Q1 2016 to Q1 2017.


increase in organic traffic


increase in trademark searches, 1100% increase in registrations


increase in website traffic


We provided a complete website and digital marketing strategy for Trademark Eagle, starting with the design and development of a highly customised website using our own content management system, and integrating this closely with the IPO database and Salesforce CRM.

Order information is pushed into the Salesforce, from where our client manages the trademark application workflow and client communications, and customer data is pulled from Salesforce into the website for account and user management, viewing previous orders and applications.

Ongoing digital marketing support includes strategy, competitive analysis and keyword research, on and off page optimisation for search engines, Google AdWords setup and campaign management, and monthly rank tracking and analysis.

To support the complex website and ensure maximum performance and reliability, we provide a full maintenance and support service which includes carefully monitoring and updating the site. A detailed test plan is in place so that after any changes to the site, all critical paths are fully tested and signed off to reduce risk.

Trademark Eagle integration mockup

Highlight: Search algorithm / meta search

The standard website search feature used ‘exact match’ logic which caused inaccuracies and misguided results. We tried various database techniques for matching text strings but couldn’t find a suitable solution due to the number of parameters required to search.

Our solution was to use a PHP algorithm based on Levenstein which compares the % similarity between two strings of a search query.

The project was further complicated by the volume of data, the IPO database of 1.1 million records and the EU data base of 2.3 million records were mismatched and had to be interrogated differently, therefore there was great complexity to process the data in order to put it through the PHP algorithm function.

12th November 18

Granite 5 are a key partner for Trademark Eagle. Their expertise in web development, Salesforce, SEO & PPC has supported us in our journey from start-up to being one of the leading online trademark registration services.

Richard Gamble – Associate Director, Trademark Eagle