The Møller Institute

Helping Cambridge education and conference centre attract a global audience

The Møller Institute is a world-class residential leadership development and conference centre based at Churchill College, in the University of Cambridge.

We’ve been retained as Møller’s digital agency since 2014, most recently helping merge two brands, Møller Centre ‘Conference and events’ and Møller Institute ‘Executive Education’ to one distinct Møller Institute brand. The new website reflects its premium position in both sectors.


October 2020

The Møller Institute’s website is a critical part of extending our reach and reputation as well as driving revenue. We’re pleased to have partnered with Granite 5 who I have found to be a reliable, proactive and effective digital agency.

Tim Hill – Marketing Manager, The Møller Centre, Cambridge

Tim Hill

Head Of Marketing

Møller Institute

November 2018

Thank you to the Granite 5 team for our new website and continued support as we develop our digital presence even further, and improve the user experience for our clients.

Leon Palmer - Marketing Manager - Moller Institute

Leon Palmer

Marketing Executive

The Møller Institute

November 2018

The Møller Institute website has been continuously evolving throughout the duration of our partnership. Maintaining and improving their search engine performance has been an engaging project. From complex website migrations to paid search there has always been a great thirst for growth.

Carl - Digital Marketing Executive - Quote


Senior Digital Marketing Executive

Granite 5

User planning

Understanding the different user groups needs and motivations for visiting the site, allows us to optimise the user journey and deliver the required content, proof points, actions and signposting.

The process ensures we don’t forget about the potential distractions, which gives us an opportunity to get the less committed users back on track.



We collected a range of existing marketing materials and assets which helped to develop a brand kit and was the inspiration behind the new digital brand and website design.

UI design

We designed the website to give it a lighter more modern look. The design reflects the world-class offering of the Møller Institute and delivers an intuitive interface and great user experience.

SEO strategy

The two existing websites were a key avenue to market for each area of the business. Both were attracting significant organic traffic and generating good quality leads, so to maintain and improve on their level of success, we carefully delivered the combined website using a detailed migration and SEO strategy.

This involved a range of tasks including the creation of new keyword sitemaps, mapping all old URL’s and using Google search console to fix any page errors, and optimising on-page elements.


The new website design and development for Møller Institute achieved the following results.

Jan 2020 vs Jan 2019


Increase in total education leads


Increase in organic traffic conference centre leads


Increase in total website sessions