The FFLM is a charity which develops and maintains the highest standards of competence and professional integrity in forensic and legal medicine, covering forensic medical practitioners, medico-legal and dento-legal advisers; and medically-qualified coroners.

Our appointment started by taking over the temporary hosting and support of their legacy CRM and website solution, which whilst a little risky, helped us to build an understanding of the organisation, its members and day-to-day operations.

This helped to deliver a new site which automates processes, encourages self-serve and delivers all of the needs and requirements of the operations and marketing teams.

  • Data migration
  • Salesforce integration
  • User interface design
  • Membership portal
  • Website development.
membership website development for FFLM
Salesforce integration for FFLM - more efficient membership management

We guided FFLM through a migration from their self-hosted legacy Sugar CRM platform to Salesforce, which now forms their single point of truth.

The website integrates closely with the CRM, pushing new applications, exam and event bookings, and pulling membership status and transaction history.

Salesforce provided a NFP Success Pack consultant to help with the migration, whom we worked closely with to achieve best practice security and processes amongst other things.