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Digital transformation and ecommerce website for city construction giants.

Offering a range of skips for hire in North London, West London, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, Ground Skips is part of the large London-based Ground Construction Group, and has an enviable reputation within the waste management and construction industries, including for recycling 98% of all received waste.



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GCL is a leading London-based construction business and required a new ecommerce site for their Ground Skips brand, to deliver a streamlined ordering process for trade customers to place orders on account, and to increase sales for residential and small businesses use.


Feb 2019 compared to Feb 2018


increase in ecommerce revenue


increase in organic traffic, all traffic up 143%


increase in website sales


A thorough design process ensures that every little detail is carefully considered in order to deliver an accessible and intuitive interface for all users.

We kicked the website project off by focusing on the brand identity, which we evolved to a more modern and contemporary style to support the businesses history, reputation and ambition. We preserved some features of the old identity to retain a little visual recognition.

Alongside the primary objective of attracting more small business and residential customers, was a very clear requirement to deliver a highly accessible and intuitive interface which was easier to use than all of the competition.

Clear product information and pricing, a simple checkout process and neat signposting and labelling have helped to achieve a user friendly website which quickly improved engagement and conversion.

The use of simple iconography, clear colour coding, nice type and plenty of breathing space help to provide an interface which avoids any friction or confusion for the user.

User interface design - integrated postcode lookup

Highlight: User interface

To help meet the clients objective and users needs, it was essential that the supported areas for skip hire were unmistakable, so lots of effort went into the design of first step of the booking process and developing clear alerts and making these highly accessible for everyone.

12th November 18

Thank you Granite 5 for turning the new site around so efficiently and professionally, it looks great and we've received some really positive feedback.

Ryan Gray – Group IT / Infrastructure Manager, Ground Construction Ltd

Ryan Gray - Group IT / Infrastructure Manager, Ground Construction Ltd Ryan Gray - Group IT / Infrastructure Manager, Ground Construction Ltd