Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM)

Transforming the member experience

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM) is a charity and professional membership organisation with over 1,500 members. Focused on advancing science and the practice of pharmaceutical medicine, FPM aims to maintain competence, ethics and integrity, and deliver the highest professional standards for the benefit of the public.


15th April 20

Granite 5 have been really responsive and pro-active throughout the project, and they delivered the new website within their estimated budget. They will continue to provide support and guidance to help us make sure we keep on top of emerging digital trends.

Will Strange – Marketing and Digital Communications Manager, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine

Will Strange - Marketing Manager - Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine Will Strange - Marketing Manager - Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine

User-focused design

We invested in understanding the distinct user types, to help overcome historical navigation problems and deliver a positive experience and simple IA (information architecture).

The UI (user interface) design achieves a balance between a corporate look and feel, to enthuse trust and professionalism, and a member portal rich with detailed content, policy and reports.

Member engagement

Member engagement has increased as a result of  high quality content, improved transparency, new communication channels, streamlined processes and increased awareness of new resources and training opportunities.

Accessibility & experience

Single sign-on (SSO) allows members to seamlessly switch between the website and 3rd party platforms.

Typography, tables, content design and page layouts consider the needs of everyone to navigate and consume the content.

The primary brand palette was adjusted to achieve AAA WCAG standard colour contrast (ratio higher than 7:1), making the website accessible for everyone.



Over the first 6 months from launch the number of users has doubled and their time on site and engagement are also increasing.