The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine

Enhancing the member experience

The FFLM is a charity which develops and maintains the highest standards of competence and professional integrity in forensic and legal medicine, covering forensic medical practitioners, medico-legal and dento-legal advisers; and medically-qualified coroners.

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February 2021

Thanks for all the support and hard work in delivering our new website. We’re already receiving fantastic feedback from our members on how much easier it is to use and navigate.

Alex Gorton - Assistant registrar - FFLM

Alex Gorton

Assistant Registrar

The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine

February 2021

Our members are really happy with the site and the new functionality is proving to be intuitive as we’d hoped. Thanks for your team’s work delivering the new site.

Charlene Campbell

Finance and Membership Manager

The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine

CRM integration

We helped FFLM migrate from their self-hosted legacy Sugar CRM platform to Salesforce, which now forms their single point of truth. The website integrates closely with the CRM, pushing new applications, exam and event bookings, and members profile updates, as well as pulling membership renewals and access levels.

Salesforce provided a NFP Success Pack specialist to help with the migration, whom we worked closely with to achieve best practice security and processes amongst other things.


User experience

The user experience was critical to the success of the new website, focusing our efforts on improving the content hierachy, navigation, and usability.

A new brand palette, typography and style sheet helps to deliver a rich and intuitive experience.

Digital transformation

The new site provides extra functionality enabling users to complete more processes online.

Robust and intelligent data capture techniques are used, for example auto-complete of member info, staged forms which save at each step, and fail-safe measures should the connection to Salesforce be lost for any reason.

Member portal & Single Sign-On

A gated content area makes it easy for members to access restricted documents, and single sign-on (SSO) with 3rd party platforms enables the delivery of member-only publications and journals.