The Gordon Russell Design Museum celebrates the life and work of this design pioneer.

Its unique collection of furniture embraces a range of styles from the Arts and Crafts to 30s streamline Modernism; from Utility Furniture to 1980s luxury post modernism.

Requiring a beautifully simple and modern new site, the museum briefed us to deliver a unique and inspiring experience to reflect the physical gallery.

  • UI design
  • WordPress development
  • Content strategy
  • SEO

Results focused

Museum website design

The core objectives for the new museum website were to drive traffic and footfall to the museum, alongside promoting the museums work within the educational sector, and to improve messaging and communication of key information for visitors.

Secondary aims for the site included delivering an easy to use content management system to encourage the museums staff to curate new content, and to provide an archive system to display a comprehensive library of assets.

All wrapped in a beautiful and unique website design.

Getting creative with colour

The site features a striking bright colour palette which helps deliver a unique and creative experience.

An interesting colour changing effect on scroll, uses a javascript library called Waypoints and CSS transitions.

Waypoints.js is used to determine when the section has reached the top of the viewport and adds an inline background colour. The smooth colour change is achieved using CSS transitions and provides a modern and different experience.

Five years after launch the site continues to feel modern and fresh, and generates some lovely feedback and the odd business referral.