Websites that work!

Who are Granite 5?

Finding the right Web partner isn’t just about what they can do for you. It’s also about how they do it.  So here’s us, at-a-glance, in handy alphabetical order (who doesn’t love a checklist?)

We are…

  • Award-winning
  • Biscuit-crunching
  • Customer-loving
  • Expert
  • Experienced
  • Friendly
  • Hard-working
  • Helpful
  • Honest
  • Problem-solving
  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Reputable
  • Successful
  • Tea-swilling
  • Trustworthy

What we’re not…

  • Agenda-pushing
  • Blame-gaming
  • Goalpost-moving
  • In debt
  • Jargon-spouting
  • Lazy
  • Nerdy*
  • Perfect
  • Work-shy
  • * Is a bit Techy ok?

Our story in brief

Granite 5 has been in business for 17 years.  During that time we’ve created nearly 400 diverse and successful websites. We have happy customers and a super-loyal team.

Our customer promise

Granite 5 delivers professional websites providing real business results for our clients on budget, on time, every time!

Working with Granite 5 you can expect:

  • Prompt, Courteous Service
  • Helpful, well-trained staff
  • A support team available in office hours
  • Prompt responses to your enquiries, comments or complaints
  • Clear, accurate and jargon-free information

You can help us by:

  • Letting us know promptly if our service ever falls below your expectations
  • Providing us with feedback on how we could improve our service to you.

What our clients say

We are delighted with our new website which has been much praised by our members and newcomers alike. Granite 5’s friendly, expert and responsive approach ensured it was a pleasure to work with them throughout this project.

John Skilbeck
Cambridge Cancer Help Centre

Why not get in touch?

Let’s have a sit down over a brew. You can check out the cut of our jib and the quality of our biscuit tin. Does a dark chocolate digestive speak volumes?


Fancy a bespoke brew? Pre-order with Granite 5.

Tea-sippers and coffee-chuggers, you’re among friends at Granite 5. Our working day is fuelled by a hot bevvy or two and a dip into the corporate biscuit tin.

So order it your way and let’s get the kettle on and talk anything Web. Slurp, dunk and enjoy.

Weak and milkyMedium steepBuilder'sFragrantFruityHerbal
Instant fixFrench pressedChicory-Tipped CampDecaff
In firstIn lastSkimmedSploshSplash

1 spoon2 spoonsPass the bagSweetnerHoney
Plain and simple: Rich tea or shortbread fingerClassic cream sandwich: Custard or gingerFancy pants: Viennese whirl or florentineRobust dunkers: Hobnob or digestiveChocolate ratio chasers: German Leibniz v double choc chip cookie