Salesforce Website Integration

Do you use Salesforce to manage your customer data and potential leads? Would you like to use it for data that’s collected via your website?

Integration means …

  • No more cutting and pasting
  • No more manual inputting
  • No more lost data

Option 1: Web-to-lead

Basic “web-to-lead” Salesforce Web Integration links your online and offline systems, then automatically captures and transfers data, such as names and email addresses from web forms, and stores it as a lead in Salesforce.

Option 2: Salesforce API

But go the full monty – Salesforce API* – Application Programme Interface will bring consistency, efficiency, quality across your whole business and benefit from better tracking and visibility. Your business intelligence will soar as it allows you to:

  • Exchange and sync information
  • Take product and pricing information and add it to the website
  • Make sales and account information available to website users
  • Create personalised web content for individual customer groups

(You need Salesforce Enterprise edition to use the API integration function)

Like some help?

Granite 5’s technical team can advise and assist with web-to-lead and full API integration, including plug-ins for WordPress template websites. We use Salesforce ourselves, so we’re totally familiar with the CRM software and what it can do for your business.

Together we can …

Get your systems talking to one another, help with workflows and advise which data to add or edit.