SEO – Being found for what counts

Done well, SEO brings substantial insights into your website, your visitors and how your competitors are performing online. And done really well, it can help get you that all-important page 1 Google ranking.

To make maximum impact, you need a well-researched SEO strategy and the right words and structure on your website so that Google, Yahoo and Bing will love you and make your site a traffic magnet.

But all that takes time and energy – which you probably don’t have. Right?

Like some help?

We don’t like to boast, but Granite 5 has a pretty impressive toolbox when it comes to SEO.  We use cutting-edge research techniques to find out how your site’s performing and what it needs to improve its ranking or convert more traffic and get ahead of your rivals.

Don’t forget that we’re a Google Partner. So if big G changes its algorithms we’ll be the first to know. And you’ll be next in line.

Together, we can…

Create that SEO strategy with you, audit your website, review your existing traffic and content, research the keywords and phrases to get you found, build the links to give your site authority and respect. And because you’re really busy, we can keep tabs on all that tracking and monitoring.  We can even sum it all up in a monthly SMARTT report, with regular recommendations.

What don’t we do?

We won’t break the rules to get your site ranked higher. All our SEO work is ethical and compliant with Google and other search engine guidelines.