Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing developed to improve your businesses’ performance

There’s no point having a great website unless it gets found. And with close to a billion sites on the WWW, every one wants to get loved by Google – still the go-to engine for UK searches.

Digital marketing is fundamental to growing your business online if you want to:

  • Impress Google
  • Get the clicks your business deserves
  • Get discovered by new customers
  • Keep existing ones loyal
  • Become a national, or international internet treasure.


Like some help?

There’s no quick-fix. But with the right tools, techniques and insights, digital marketing raises your online profile and amps your message. Granite 5 can help you achieve outstanding long-term returns.  As a Google Partner, our advice is trustworthy and shows we excel with Google products and best practices. We can partner you too.

Together we can

  • Scope out and polish your digital marketing strategy
  • Optimise and structure your website to build organic visits
  • Drive targeted traffic to your site with pay per click advertising
  • Conquer or get started on social media
  • Research and analyse your customer base, your ranking and your competitors
  • Manage your online marketing with an easy SMARTT contract.