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At Granite5 we love helping our clients to integrate their websites with a wide range of 3rd party platforms and applications to achieve improved processes, automation, seamless management and better communications.

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Realise the benefits of integrating your systems

We are vastly experienced integrating websites with a wide range of 3rd party services including: CRM’s, accounts solutions, merchandising systems, business platforms, gateways, networks and more.

There are a number of different methods we use to integrate websites with other platforms including;

  • The latest API technologies
  • Common data formats including JSON, CSV, SQL, XML and RSS
  • And embedded solutions using iFrames.

Understanding business logic is key to a successful integration project, and usually results in developing a data map to clearly define the data hierarchy, unique identifiers, fields and end points, data flow and integration requirements.

Integration expertise

We have integrated with the following platforms and many more...

salesforce logo

Salesforce integration

Great for managing your leads and opportunities but also used extensively for managing memberships, partners, customers and more.

mailchimp logo


Manage your newsletter subscriptions, segmentation, automated marketing and more.

xero logo


Invoicing, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping, VAT returns, payroll, tax returns and pensions.

zoho logo

ZOHO integration

A lightweight CRM application with email, Adwords integration, inventory management and AI capability.

cpp logo

Gateway CPP integration

Order management, personalisation and worldwide fulfilment platform.

dynamics logo

Microsoft Dynamics integration

The enterprise class ERP and CRM platform for real business intelligence and insight.

expandly logo


The multiple channel sales platform which connects all of your stores with your site and gives centralised control over all your products, listings, stock and orders.

sage logo

Sage integration

A range of accounting services and software to power any size of business.

linnworks logo

Linnworks integration

Automated order and inventory management, shipping, products and more.

worldpay logo

Worldpay integration

The leading secure online payment processing provider.

pardot logo


Empower sales teams to close more deals with sophisticated marketing automation.

sugar logo

SugarCRM integration

Build strong relationships with the leading customer relationship management platform.

"Many thanks for our new website, I can’t say enough about how it’s tailored to suit our needs. It has revolutionised how we interact with members and has significantly boosted the profile of the organisation.”

Jonathan Dickins, Club Secretary, Hawks Club

Website integration case studies

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Our approach to integration projects


The key to any complex project is always carefully planning. We like to build data maps which show the data structure and content flow for advanced integrations, this we find helps to visualise the requirement for everybody to understand including technical team, client, 3rd party, stakeholders, data owners and the users of the system.



We like to get any 3rd parties involved at the earliest opportunity, preferably during the planning stages as this helps build a relationship and for all parties to agree and understand their roles and responsibilities for the immediate project and longer term.


We build a good degree of end-to-end testing into all projects and especially where we’re working with different data sources and end points, complex business logic and critical business processes. Our launch and regression test plans cover all eventualities…

What can integration achieve?

We can help you to seamlessly join disparate systems to allow the flow of information between them. The flow can be automated, for example synchronised on a scheduled time basis, in real time or at the push of a button. It is possible for your website to become an effective conduit between your customers, members and visitors and your back-office systems and processes, or vice-versa.

  • Improve customer experience
  • Automate processes
  • Eliminate duplication of tasks
  • Maintain fully synchronised data
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce data quality problems.