User centred website design

Website design is a process which is more than ensuring a site is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it goes much deeper and needs to be aligned to your users and business objectives.

User centred design approach

Putting your users first is the key to delivering a successful website.

From the early planning stages right through to the final delivery and post launch, Granite5 always focus on the users of your website first. Design, aesthetics, functionality, structure, content and SEO are all tools to help deliver what your users need, and the success of your website really depends upon your users doing what you want them to.

Throughout the process of delivering a new site there are many decisions to make which are influenced by many factors; cost, SEO, usability, technology, performance, control and branding, and whilst the priority of these often fluctuates the user should always remain at the top!

User personas

To answer the question who are we designing for, we identify your different types of user and define a persona for each. This helps to align strategy and goals for specific user groups and really places them at the heart of the design process.

Information architecture (IA) and content

We plan the best structure for the site and develop a plan for content and messaging to your suit users and business objectives.

User journeys

Understanding your users needs and pain points helps with planning their journey through and interactions with the site to deliver the most efficient and effective website.

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design

With the planning complete and the strategy defined, the sites look and feel can be developed and the iterative UX/UI design process begins.

UX design

Enhancing your users satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction is the key to delivering online success. Anything other than a positive experience can result in low return rates, poor conversion, damage to your brand and even influences your reputation.

UI design

The user interface is carefully designed with all of the other elements informing the process. We often take a mobile-first approach of progressive enhancement, so we start with the interface on the smallest device (usually the most difficult) and then the process becomes easier as the screen size increases, resulting in responsive or adaptive layouts.