Ecommerce website development

Let us guide you through the complex world of websites and selling online – We deliver ecommerce solutions using primarily the Woocommerce / WordPress platforms but are also experienced in using the popular Shopify and Magento systems and offer our own bespoke solution.

We have over 18 years’ experience developing effective ecommerce websites and selling online, we understand your customer’s journey is key, from the moment they arrive to the final click in the checkout process, a good experience maximises conversion, encourages sales and promotes customer loyalty.

Whether you want to create a modest local shop or a heavily customised multi-currency global e-tail site, Granite 5 can help you give your customers the best possible online buying experience

Competing online can be a tough challenge at the best of times and especially when e-tailing in a competitive global marketplace. This is why at Granite 5 we carefully guide our clients through the myriad of complexities and decisions to ensure that we maximise the potential of your ecommerce website.

"Granite 5 are a key partner for Trademark Eagle. Their expertise in web development, SEO & PPC has supported us in our journey from start-up to being the leading online trademark registration service."

Richard Gamble – Associate Director, Trademark Eagle

Specialist ecommerce development expertise

Over the years we have developed a deep understand of some of the intricate detail of trading online, for example; the importance of market analysis to ensure you’re competitive; traffic generation activity succeed a process of conversion and checkout optimisation which looks at cart abandonment amongst other things; and that customer loyalty is hard to retain so great communication and clear messaging is key.

We’re experienced with feeding products into Google, Amazon and eBay shops, working with all of the major payment gateways, managing PPC campaigns and taking care of promotions and discounts. We’re also experts in the following areas;

Complex shipping logic

We have experience implementing complex shipping logic including for all geographical areas, weight and/or sized based distribution, multiple carriers and collection point services.

Merchandising systems

Many of our clients require their websites to pull product feeds from existing 3rd party merchandising and EPOS systems, which they use to manage their back-offices including inventory, delivery, returns, invoicing etc.

CRM integration

Increasingly clients wish to inject order and contact information into their CRM platform, often Salesforce to enable centralised management of customers and the benefits of marketing automation.

Technical capability

You can be assured that our technical capability extends to all corners of the ecommerce landscape and covers many areas where for example complex business logic may exist, 3rd party systems integration is required or historical data may needed to be migrated.

  • Product migration/imports from 3rd party platforms
  • Multi -language and multi-currency shops
  • Integration with Worldpay, Sagepay, Paypal, Stripe, Braintree and more
  • Geo-location targeting
  • Trade accounts, customer incentives, loyalty schemes
  • Advanced analytics and reporting.