How to use inbound marketing for member acquisition

Shifting your strategic focus to inbound marketing can dramatically increase member acquisition and boost growth. In this practical guide, we explore what exactly inbound marketing is, and share tips on how to utilise it within your membership organisations.

inbound marketing for member acquisition guide inbound marketing for member acquisition guide inbound marketing for member acquisition guide

Why is inbound marketing key for member acquisition?

Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts members by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them, forming connections, and solving their problems. This is why it’s invaluable for increasing member acquisition. This modern way of marketing has huge potential to positively impact your organisation in reaching its goals.


Key areas covered in our inbound marketing guide

  • What is inbound marketing?
  • Benefits of inbound marketing
  • How to use inbound marketing to drive member acquisition
  • Member acquisition inbound marketing channels
  • Membership organisation examples

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Member experience

Your members’ expectations of technology have exponentially increased in the past 5-10 years. Their encounters with Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, and Uber set the bar for every online encounter – especially those that elicit a strong identity affiliation, such as membership organisations.

With our experience of digital marketing for membership organisations to draw from, we take insights from our stakeholder planning workshops, and digital audit research, to identify where gains can be achieved with your existing digital marketing channels, and create a plan to help you achieve your digital goals.

2nd May 20

Thank you for all of your help, patience and support in delivering our lovely new website, I'm sure it's going to have a positive impact on the society and for our members.

Carol Wolrich – Interim Director of Marketing, British Society of Gastroenterology

12th January 21

From the outset the team at Granite 5 used their experience to bring their own ideas to the table. As a result, they suggested a range of additional functionality to improve the website.

Emily Dawson – Operations Manager, Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce

15th April 20

Granite 5 have been really responsive and pro-active throughout the project, and they delivered the new website within their estimated budget. They will continue to provide support and guidance to help us make sure we keep on top of emerging digital trends.

Will Strange – Marketing and Digital Communications Manager, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine

Will Strange - Marketing Manager - Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine Will Strange - Marketing Manager - Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine

21st October 20

We’ve had some very positive feedback about our new website, so many thanks to your team for your help!

Susan Honeyford – Chair, University of the Third Age in Cambridge

12th November 18

Many thanks for our new website, I can’t say enough about how it’s tailored to suit our needs especially the seamless link with our Salesforce. It has revolutionised how we interact with members and has significantly boosted the profile of the organisation.

Jonathan Dickins – Club Secretary, Hawks Club