Granite 5 May Digital Roundup

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A review of the key headlines from the world of digital in May that are impacting UK and global businesses.

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22nd May Google Algorithm update causing traffic drops

Google just released a stealth algorithm update on the 22nd May which is starting to be felt by many sites across the Globe. There has been limited information released from Google yet about this new update, however, you should be closely monitoring your website tools to see if your site is impacted. We will be tracking this update and will share new information as we see it.


LinkedIn adds new ‘boost’ option for organic posts

The new LinkedIn ‘boost’ function makes it easier for brands to maximise the reach of their posts by hitting this new button at the top of each post. This makes it much simpler to add some spend to your organic content strategy and make it more effective.


Facebook launches new features to support Pride month

In support of Pride month in June, Facebook has just announced a range of new in-app features and tools to help users participate in the event and support initiatives. These include post backgrounds, custom avatars, and stickers for news feed posts and Facebook stories. Instagram has also added a range of new stickers for feed posts and stories and bringing back rainbow hashtags.

Facebook Pride


British Sign Language interpreters available at 7 London stations via SignLive

Accessibility experts SignLive are now offering British Sign Language interpreters at 7 London train stations via their app. This is a great step forward for accessibility and all people need to do is ask a member of the station staff.


Microsoft announces June updates & feature rollouts

There are many Microsoft features rolling out in June, including shopping campaign import enhancements, smart shopping integration for Shopify users, expansion of audience network, new in-market audiences in the UK, France, and Germany, and phrase match updates. Import enhancements are also now live.


Legoland launches augmented reality experience at Windsor Resort

Augmented reality has been used in an innovative way by Legoland as part of their new Mythica area of the Windsor report. Visitors will come across Lego statues that they can scan with their app to reveal their real-world characters in AR. Find out more about the great use of AR.

Legoland AR


Google Ads rolls out monthly spend limits

Google recently announced that advertisers will be able to set monthly spend limits at the account level on top of daily budgets. This useful article goes into detail about the new change and the pros and cons.


Facebook shares new overview of its Marketing Mix Modeling

The new data revealed by Facebook, reveals an evolving approach to Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) which could provide an opportunity for businesses to better target audiences with the right content.


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