Granite 5 June Digital Roundup

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A review of the key headlines from the world of digital in June that are impacting UK and global businesses.

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A sneak peek of Brave – the search challenger to Google

This new privacy-first search engine founded by the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla amongst others is making a play for Google search. Currently, in preview and testing mode, this new search engine will offer completely anonymous and ad-free searching.


Google Page Experience Update Begins Rolling Out

The much-awaited Google Page Experience update has begun rolling out and is expected to be completed by the end of August 2021. Google confirmed that as this will be a gradual rollout, sites should not see any drastic drops or spikes. They likened it to adding seasoning to your cooking!


Instagram launches reels ads in all regions

Launched from the 17th of June, reels ads are now available in all regions after testing in select countries. Reels ads are a terrific way to reach people who do not currently follow you, helping you to reach a greater audience.

Instagram reels ads


PageSpeed Insights Now Shows More Field Data

Previously, PageSpeed insights only displayed the field data (page speed metrics of real users) if all the field data was available. This was problematic as 30% of web pages do not record one of the metrics First Input Delay (FID). So, Google made a change, meaning they will now show the field metrics that have been collected, even if other field data has not been collected.


Facebook tests ads in virtual reality headsets

Facebook has announced it is experimenting with displaying ads in its Oculus virtual reality headsets. The ads will begin appearing in a game called Blaston with other developers rolling out comparable ads. This is to provide new ways for developers to generate revenue, however, Facebook has promised its privacy policy will remain the same and users will be able to hide specific ads or those from certain advertisers.


Google Announces New Ads Creative Studio

Google has launched a new creative advertising tool – Ads Creative Studio, with the aim to unify its multiple creative tools. The new tool will be available at the end of July and will incorporate Director Mix, Dynamic Display & HTML5 creation tools, Audio Mixer & Dynamic Audio Tools, and Project Library. This new tool should make it easier to build multiple content pieces in one tool.

Google ads creative studio


Instagram Launches Live Test of Image and Video Uploads from the Desktop Version of the App

This is big news for Instagram content creators and something that has been needed for some time. Once fully rolled out, creators will have access to the full suite of uploading and posting options from a desktop. Enabling users to upload images or videos directly from their PC with all the regular in-app options for editing including filters. The option does not include stories or reels at the moment, but additional tests are being done.


Facebook Announces the Next Stage of its eCommerce Push

To continue Facebook’s focus on eCommerce, they have announced a range of new shopping and discovery tools, including Shops on WhatsApp and shop listings in Facebook Marketplace, and new visual product search options on Instagram.


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