Website optimisation guide for membership organisations

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Your website is the shop window to your organisation, and provides a platform to engage and delight your target audience and existing members. As your website is such an important asset to your organisation, how can you ensure you are harnessing it fully? To support you in achieving this, we have created a website optimisation guide specifically for membership organisations with practical tips to optimise your website.

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Why is website optimisation important?

Don’t just take our word for it that website optimisation is important. Here are some pretty compelling stats that show the importance of having a strong digital footprint to drive your organisations growth.

Website optimisation stats

What’s included in the website optimisation guide?

As website optimisation is an extensive topic, we have covered each of the main areas in the guide that collectively will help you enhance your existing website to better support your organisation.

User experience design

This can seem a daunting area of web optimisation as it can be subjective, however, there are some crucial factors that should guide your user experience planning and optimisation. These include:

  • Navigation
  • Use of assets
  • Layout
  • Mobile optimisation


It’s crucial to ensure you echo your brand correctly and consistently on your website so your members and prospective members recognise and trust your website. This includes all elements of your brand from your logo to fonts.


This is an important area of optimisation and a powerful tool in your digital marketing toolkit. We go into further detail into this area in our recent SEO success guide for membership organisations.

Utilising data

As we all know, data is crucial, and this is no different when it comes to website optimisation. There are a whole host of free and paid tools that will allow you to understand how your website is currently performing, and highlight the areas for improvement. Make sure you analyse your website data before making any changes so you can measure the success of your adjustments.

Website speed

With the new Google update coming in May to include Core Web Vitals as a part of the page experience ranking signal, your website speed is a critical factor in increasing the visibility of your website. This is an area you are going to want to invest some time into improving.


The final topic covered in the guide is content. This is another area that if optimised will have a big impact on improving your website. We also cover this topic in our recent article ‘Essential steps to create a successful membership website’ which you might find useful.

Website optimisation measurement

To round off the guide, we provide recommendations for key metrics to track and monitor the changes you make to your website. These metrics will highlight how your website optimisation tactics are improving your digital visibility, and will highlight any opportunities to modify your strategy.

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Coming soon

This website optimisation guide is the second in a series of guides we are publishing to support membership organisations with their digital marketing. We have already published our SEO guide which can be found here, and we will be sharing three more guides in the coming months on different topics of digital marketing specifically for membership organisations. So make sure you keep an eye out for those!

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