SEO success guide for membership organisations

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We know SEO can seem a complex subject to master and implement effectively within a busy membership organisation. This is why we have created a guide to share practical support specifically for membership organisations.

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SEO membership guide

What’s included in the SEO guide?

An overview of SEO

In 2020, organic traffic accounted for 40% of all trackable website traffic (Smart Insights) making it still one of the most important areas of digital marketing to drive results, and not one to underestimate.

SEO success factors

Drawing from our SEO insider knowledge and experience, we have shared our SEO success factors:

  • Content – Keywords, quality of content, content types, depth of content, and avoiding duplicate content.
  • Technical – The importance of sitemaps, mobile optimisation, site speed, page structure, on-page SEO elements, and media size.
  • Authority & Trust – Backlinks and inter-site linking, use of HTTPS, user experience, and content trust and authority.

SEO Audit

This is a crucial step to carry out before you make any improvements to your SEO. An SEO audit firstly allows you to benchmark your current SEO strategy to understand where you are in terms of performance, and then to highlight specific areas for improvement. A well carried out SEO audit is a vital tool in your digital marketing toolkit, however, it can be extensive and time-consuming. If you need any support in doing an audit, feel free to get in touch and we would be more than happy to help.

SEO audit

SEO metric recommendations

This section covers the key SEO metrics that we would recommend you track and monitor. These metrics will highlight how your SEO tactics are improving your digital visibility, and will highlight and opportunities to modify your strategy.

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Coming soon

This SEO guide is the first in a series of guides we will be publishing to support membership organisations with their digital marketing. We will be sharing four more guides in the coming months on different topics of digital marketing specific for membership organisations. So make sure you keep an eye out for those!

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