Harnessing digital PR for your brand

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A relatively new term in the marketing world, digital PR in fact relates to a range of services that we’ve always delivered, just under a slightly different guise.

Digital PR is a strategy used to increase awareness of your brand using online channels. It’s very similar to traditional PR, but offers the opportunity to reach a broader audience, than using only offline methods – print, radio, tv.

PR is traditionally aimed at increasing awareness and growing a brands reputation, which is much the same as digital PR.

A typical PR campaign would often aim to increase your brand’s credibility, using publicity to give credibility to your business as the content is often perceived as being more authentic and informative.

PR can help to attract your target market, and cross into new markets by demonstrating value. Ultimately another lead generation technique which can help to build your brand image.

Digital PR benefits

The main benefit of digital over traditional is the ease at which it’s possible to continue the conversation.

Traditional PR focused on conversations with journalists which result in printed articles in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, tv and radio.

Digital PR uses any digital channel from websites, social, email, video, and online publications – each  usually making it easier to have 1-2-1 interactions and discussion.

Digital PR channels

Great digital PR uses the most suitable channels for your product, service or company, and we can help to develop a strategy in this respect.

Take video for example, an excellent channel for promoting your brand online. Interviews with digital publications can be pushed to your audiences via other digital channels which can lead to ongoing conversations, within the comments section of Youtube for example.

Traditional press releases can still form the foundation of digital PR, but we have new features, for example including links to online resources, video content, conversations in forums etc.