8 reasons to choose bespoke WordPress websites over themes

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If you’re weighing up development options for your next website project, you’ll no doubt be considering the merits of a custom build versus a template solution. The fact is, most developers will tell you that a bespoke WordPress theme has multiple benefits for your business. Let’s take a look at the reasons why.

1. A consistent theme

When a new WordPress theme is created, it is done so by an individual developer who will create something unique using their own methodology. Each of the themes will have some elements of commonality, but the way that they are coded and structured will vary greatly – including CSS markup, HTML structure, PHP code and naming conventions. What does this mean in practice? Anytime you want to amend your website – such as adjust a styling component or resize a column, the work required is time-consuming and needlessly complex. This is perhaps the number one reason to invest in a bespoke WordPress website.

2. The question of uniqueness

Most of us know when we are on a template website. Yes, the content and imagery will be different, but the structure, layout and design will be recognisable. Customers are inevitably less impressed by a website that looks similar to others seen before. USP messages fall a little flat when presented using a tired, over-used theme! However, if you choose a custom WordPress development, you can create something truly bespoke, that is meaningful to your brand and appropriate for your audience.

3. The learning curve

Developers also experience benefits in creating a custom WordPress theme from scratch – learning more from a bottom-up, bespoke build, than from attempting to hack into an existing theme to modify it. This is a far less problematic way of building a website. Reducing the risks when adding new functionality to your website.

4. Features you need

A template will typically be loaded with features that you just don’t need. All of a sudden you find yourself trying to shoehorn in content and assets that you otherwise wouldn’t bother with. By building from scratch, you create your website exactly around your needs and keep it lean and stylish. This optimises your processing power, among other things. Why pay for redundant features that you don’t want?

5. Quicker development

A bespoke WordPress website can actually be very quick and easy to build, especially for a simple offer or smaller business. This is surprising, but the fact is that the work required to modify an existing template can end up being more than the work required to build bespoke from scratch. This is certainly the case over time as upgrade developments are factored in.

6. Fewer plug-ins

WordPress templates invariably equate to having an excess of plugins, often for the simplest of functionalities. Develop a custom WordPress website and you often won’t need a plugin at all, because functions and commands will do the trick. This keeps the integrity of your website stronger and reduces the chance of things going wrong.

7. Better perception of WordPress

The proliferation of templates means that some clients are already wary of WordPress. By showing them what you can do with custom builds, you can build their confidence in the platform and win more business.

8. Better SEO

Search engines want to see unique, relevant content, and websites that they can scan for readability. Again, by building your website from scratch, you can ensure that it has good SEO at the heart of its development and remain in control at all times.

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