Accessible apps prototype for the blind and visually-impaired ready for testing

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Granite 5 has been the UK leader of the Alice Project, a project to improve the quality of life of ageing people that are visually-impaired or blind.

The new artificial vision “app” harnesses computer sight technology and mobile communications to deliver Alice; a thinking, talking navigational assistant. Alice will be able to “see and feel” the surrounding environment and warn users of any dangers. Alice will also have the skill to recognise people, plan and anticipate.

The device will use a combination of GPS, a digital compass, battery and an Android smartphone to deliver its functionality.

Jill Davies, MD of Granite 5 is proud of the project and its mission;

‚ÄúThis is true state of the art development and a real leap forward in assistive technology for blind people. It will improve mobility and help the visually-impaired live more independently. Something we are very passionate about.”

Over the last 15 years Granite 5 has built a niche in developing websites and apps that include everyone whatever their disability or impairment.

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