Helping the next generation of digital experts

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Getting involved with work experience programmes, apprenticeship schemes and trainee recruitment is something we’re really proud of and passionate about. Three of our team started as apprentices and it’s lovely to have seen them grow into their roles and to help first timers take their early steps into this exciting fast-paced industry.

We thoroughly enjoy doing our part in encouraging the next generation of digital whizkids, and recently welcomed Ryan Askew on his work experience placement from Bishops Stortford College.

Ryan said “Knowing where to go for work experience is not easy, but I’ve always been interested in computing and web design and so decided to approach Granite 5. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it’s been fun working in a small team and useful learning about all aspects of a digital marketing agency.”

“On my first day I helped to test a website which was in the final stages of development. It seemed like an easy job, but I didn’t know that you have to test in several different browsers, and on different types of machines. It was really interesting seeing how different devices worked and sometimes looked slightly different, and highlighted the importance of testing.”

“I learnt how to setup a new WordPress website and make some basic styling changes, also how to use different tools to check accessibility, for example checking colour contrasts and comparing the different ways people can see and use a website.”

“I listened in during a training session to teach a client how to use their content management system, and learnt about the different options and modules used to help build their content. I was taught how to arrange tasks in a project management system and given the job of adding tasks into the workflow. This was interesting as I could see how things were organised and how many parts there really were to building a website.”

“It was interesting learning about how to view the stats of a website. This involved looking at the number of external backlinks, referring domains, trust flow and citation flow. One of my last tasks was to configure a data capture form for a website, building this into a WordPress site using the Gravity Forms plugin. This gave many challenges that needed to be tackled and I enjoyed doing so.”

“Overall it was an interesting and enjoyable week and gave me an idea of what I want to do in the future.”

It was great having Ryan with us for a week, we made sure we involved him in as many areas of the business as possible. We had him setting up a RaspberryPI for a new digital signage project, testing, helping with project management, giving design feedback and some very basic development tasks. He has a list of industry tools to take away and master, and we wish him luck with his remaining education and career.

Most importantly and no doubt to make up for avoiding the kettle all week, he satisfied our sugar cravings on his last day with far too many fresh donuts! Thanks Ryan and good luck!

Anyone for donuts?