Granite 5 welcomes 3 new digital experts to the team

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New team at Granite 5

Granite 5 are pleased to announce the appointment of 3 new hires to the Granite 5 team. These include Lead Developer – Mike Bricknell – Barlow, Senior Developer – Tim Ogden and Digital Marketing Executive – Cathrine Evans. Each team member brings unique skills and experience to further diversify the Granite 5 team and increase the capacity for continued growth.

Although the recruitment process was done during the height of the current Covid-19 pandemic, Granite 5 found innovative ways to ensure they found the right talent to support the expansion of the agency.

New team at Granite 5
New digital team members at Granite 5

Jill Davies, Founder and MD of Granite 5 commented:

“The recruitment process during the Global pandemic has meant we’ve undergone an internal digital transformation to ensure we could adapt to the current climate. We were mindful to maintain a process that was authentic to our values and crucially found the best talent for our team. This included asking shortlisted candidates to carry out a DISC profile assessment which is fundamental to maintaining our team culture; and carrying out zoom interviews using Miro boards to explore candidates’ skills and creativity.

“We’re pleased to say this process was very successful for us and we’re delighted to welcome Mike, Tim and Cathrine as new additions to the Granite 5 team. We know they will be great assets to our experienced and trusted agency, and each brings a wealth of knowledge to further support our clients.”

New addition Mike Bricknell-Barlow, Lead Developer commented:

“I’m really excited to be bringing my experience to Granite 5, and I’m looking forward to working closely with their clients to provide great digital experiences. Recruitment during the Covid-19 lockdown was always going to be challenging, but the team at Granite 5 made it easy and smooth throughout.”

New Senior Developer, Tim Ogden commented:

“I’m thrilled to join the team at Granite 5 and am especially looking forward to working on some highly technical back-end projects including Salesforce integrations, Laravel projects and advanced bespoke integrations like the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce site.”