Dilly shares content tricks of the trade to create a great website

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The next in our series of meet the team articles, we speak to Dilly Bricknell-Barlow, Content Lead at Granite 5, to explore Dilly’s insights on all things content marketing.

TL; DR content strategist, user-focused content is the key to a successful website, and the biggest shift is audience-driven content.

Dilly started her career with her passion for horses as a yard manager, but always had an interest in digital. From there she branched into the world of digital by taking on a few website projects to develop her skills and experience, on a freelance basis.

As her confidence and knowledge of websites grew through working with many local businesses including her equestrian company, Dilly took on a broader digital marketing role to upskill herself in all aspects of digital marketing.

Dilly joined the Granite 5 team as a junior developer utilising her technical development skills to quality assure and test new websites. However, it was clear Dilly enjoyed working with clients to craft great content that engages and delights and manages the content phase of our projects, hence transitioning to her current role.

Oh, and on top of her day job, she is also studying for a degree in Forensic Psychology!

Granite 5> What do you think is key to delivering a successful website?

Dilly> For me, there are two areas that are fundamental to creating and delivering a successful website.

  1. Focusing on what the audience wants and not just what you want! So many businesses are purely focused on what they want to say through their website and what they want it to achieve, without stopping to consider their audience. Of course, the website needs to meet the objectives of the business, but it’s there to solve a problem for your customers. Therefore, you should always ask yourself what are they looking for. What pain are you solving for them and how can you communicate that?
  2. Communication is key. This might sound an obvious one, but communication is so important to creating and delivering a successful website. Goals, deadlines, deliverables, and expectations should be set at the outset, and they should be clear with the internal team and the client. That way everyone knows what is expected of them. Transparent communication along the project is also a must.
Granite 5> What is the most exciting shift you have seen in the industry?

Dilly> There has been a real shift to audience or user driven content. The old way of creating the content a brand wanted and just pushing it out isn’t accepted now. Brands need to listen to their audience and create useful, engaging and relatable content that they want to consume.

Brands also must be quick off the mark to test and learn with new content and digital channels. With new channels emerging, like TikTok as an example, brands who have a first mover advantage on new and upcoming platforms can create shifts in their marketplace. But like anything in digital, the landscape is ever-changing so brands that can move quickly and test and learn on new platforms can create big impact.

Granite 5> What is the project you are most proud of?

Dilly> We work with some great clients, but the ones that stand out the most are:

  • Nebula Space – They are a great client to work with and to be a part of such an interesting sector.
  • Sundown – With my passion for horses it was great to work on this project. As I know the products and industry very well, I was able to bring that experience to support the client.
  • Altilium – This was an interesting website design and great to be supporting such an important industry.
Granite 5> What makes Granite 5 unique?

Dilly> The culture is undoubtedly one of the biggest things that set Granite 5 apart from any other agency or business I know. It’s incredibly liberating to work in a company where you are able to define your role to fit your skills and passions.

There is also a great openness within the company, led by honest sharing from the management team that is really refreshing.

Granite 5> Finally when you are working in an industry that changes so fast, how do you keep up to date?

Dilly> There are so many sources of information out there, but these are my top favourites:


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