5 predictions for digital in 2017

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Woman using mobile phone

Trends to know about:

1. Faster mobile browsing via AMP. Roll-out of Accelerated Mobile Pages – an industry collaboration building fast-loading web pages across multiple platforms and devices.

2. More mobile purchasing: Three out of every 10 e-commerce purchases are via mobile and numbers are set to grow.

3. Rise of the Chatbot. Apple’s Siri, Google’s Allo and Amazon’s Alexa are examples of Chatter robot software that uses artificial intelligence to “converse” with internet users and help them get things done. These automated assistants  – seen as the new apps – can pay for meals, order cinema tickets and pizza and check weather.

4. Cinemagraphs: These sophisticated video-photos are basically high res still photographs with subtle motion affects in one portion of the image – such as smoke or steam rising, rippling water, birds flying. These powerful, creative marketing visuals are created by looping a short action sequence on to a specific portion of a photo. Cheaper to produce than videos and not as bandwidth hungry to add to websites.

5. Live streaming on social media: destined to become the norm via Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Video content is sent online in compressed format and in real time to end viewers. Use it as a window to give customers a glimpse into your business and the people working there. Launch new products and make a behind-the-scenes tour or broadcast from a conference or other big event.