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A data driven approach to website design & development for maximum results

Growth-Driven Design

What is Growth-Driven Design?

Growth-Driven Design is a unique web design and development methodology that uses data and agile principles to deliver a highly effective website that is user-focused. It is an alternative process to traditional web design and development that can minimise resource and budget, and return quicker results to drive business growth.

How is it different to traditional website design?

Quicker ROI from new website

The build and launch phase for Growth-Driven Design is much quicker than traditional web design projects, therefore you start seeing a return on your investment quicker.

Reduced resource & project time

As a website launched using the Growth-Driven Design methodology is typically delivered in half the time of the traditional method, this reduces the internal resource needed by you.

Design based on data

Although most traditional website development projects include an element of data, this is the foundation of GDD. Design and development is built on data not assumptions, reducing the risk.

Focus on high impact areas

During the strategy phase, we uncover the areas that will have the most impact on your user journey and develop these first. This ensures the budget and time is spent on the areas that will drive the biggest results.

Budget spread over time

As the continuous improvement is carried out over phases once the site is live, this gives you the option to spread your budget over that time too. Providing a flexible approach to spread the cost of the website development.

Continuous website improvement

Rather than launching and forgetting, the continuous improvement stage ensures data is used to understand user interactions, and continually adapts the website to create a frictionless valuable user experience.

Growth-Driven Design methodology

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Find out more about Growth-Driven Web Design and whether it’s right for your business

We have explored what makes Growth-Driven Web Design unique, and how it can make a big impact on a business.

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Continuous improvement to support The Moller Institute strategy

We’ve worked with The Moller Institute to continually evolve the website to support their business goals. Resulting in a 55% increase in leads and a 5% increase in total website sessions.

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Transforming the member experience for BSG

We supported The British Society of Gastroenterology by creating a new site that engages members and builds their reputation. The site has evolved through the GDD process resulting in a 14% increase in time on site and a 200% increase in total users.

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February 2021

Many of the foundations of GDD have always been part of our process, for example using data to inform decision making. By following the GDD methodology more closely allows us to respond more efficiently to changes in behavior, trends, and technology to better serve our clients.

Christian Scott, Project Delivery Lead - Granite 5

Christian Scott

Head of Project Delivery

Granite 5

February 2021

We are excited to support clients with the unique GDD methodology which focuses on data-driven development rather than assumptions. This new way of developing websites puts the user at the heart, and in turn, better supports our clients to reach their business objectives.

Cathrine Evans

Marketing Manager

Granite 5