User centred website design

Website design is a process which is more than ensuring a site is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it goes much deeper and needs to be aligned to your users and business objectives.

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User centred design approach

Putting your users first is the key to delivering a successful website, and this is exactly what we do right from the early planning stages through to the final delivery and post-launch. Your sites design, functionality, structure and content are all tools to help deliver what your users need. However, the success of your website really depends upon your users doing what you want them to.

User personas

We identify your sites different user types and define a persona for each. This helps to align strategy and goals for specific user groups. This puts them at the heart of the design process.

User journeys

Understanding your users’ needs and pain points helps with planning their journey through and interactions with the site. This helps to deliver the most effective website.

Information architecture (IA) and content

We design the best hierarchy and structure for your site and develop a content strategy to suit your users and business objectives.

User journey planning

Mobile first / responsive design

We usually, but not always, design the smallest screen size first, and then progressively enhance the design and page layouts as the screen sizes increase.

This approach ensures the best experience for users of all types of device, for example a product comparison table on a desktop might be best delivered as a PDF on mobile. The approach is carefully planned and considered, where possible using visitor stats and insight, in the early planning stages which are critical to delivering a great design.

User experience (UX) design

We set out to deliver a highly usable and accessible design which will offer great user experience. In turn, this will help drive conversions, reputation and engagement.

User interface (UI) design

Focused on maximizing usability and the user experience, the goal of user interface design is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible.

Design testing

We take an iterative approach to design, inviting regular feedback throughout the process and completing continuous design testing. This ensures the best use of time and budgets, efficient sign-off and effective user-centred design.