Membership Website Design

In the hyper-competitive world of membership organisations, website design plays a crucial role in member acquisition and member retention.

membership website design membership website design membership website design

Member acquisition

Sadly, senior management are often unaware of the full potential of their association’s website to drive member acquisition. Ask yourself:

  • Does my organisation’s website provide a similar intuitive digital experience to the apps I use every day?
  • Am I convinced my organisation’s website clearly communicates the value our membership brings?
  • Do I know, right now, what last month’s website analytics tell us about our members’ favourite webpages and preferences?

Your word-of-mouth recommendations, e-marketing and conference investments are all in vain if the main channel of communication with members – your membership organisation website – falls short.

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Legacy Websites: Fit For Purpose?

Your members’ expectations of technology have exponentially increased in the past 5-10 years. Their encounters with Uber, AirBnB, Spotify, Xero, Netflix, iPad and Kindle set the bar for every online encounter – especially those that elicit a strong identity affiliation, such as membership organisations.

Legacy websites and content management systems can be clunky, dated or just unsuited to how your membership organisation has developed over time.

With our experience of membership website design to draw from, we take insights from our Stakeholder Planning Workshops and our User Story Mapping Process to identify the changes your website needs.

That means we help you identify the changes needed – from small tweaks to big overhauls – to help get your organisation’s website to where you need it to be for the next 3-5 years and beyond.

What makes us different

Our Promise to Membership Organisations

We understand Membership Organisations. We understand that every membership organisation has its own unique opportunities and challenges. While no two membership organisations are the same, our sector experience ensures a smoother design and development experience.

Our Accessibility expertise gives you competitive advantage

Unlike many agencies, Granite 5 has an in-house Accessibility Expert and the whole team are accessibility trained. Far beyond Equalities Act compliance, this expertise ensures your website reaches all of your prospective members, irrespective of auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech or visual differences.

We speak to your people to get everyone on the same page

We use a variety of frameworks to collaboratively harvest the expertise of your staff ‘on the ground’, adding to the perspectives of senior management. This increases ‘buy-in’ across the organisation and creates a more robust digital experience for members.

We will never bamboozle you with tech-speak

We demystify and explain in unintimidating ways important elements of digital marketing and the website process.