Salesforce Integration

Boost your marketing by integrating Salesforce with your website

Are you looking for a partner to help integrate your website with your Salesforce platform, or to help you to migrate to Salesforce?

We have integrated many websites with Salesforce but also use it ourselves, so really understand how it works!

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Salesforce integration options

Web 2 lead

The Web 2 lead option enables your websites data capture forms to be directly injected into Salesforce as a new lead or case.

  • Set up a campaign for each form on your website.
  • Consider using captcha to stop robots and spam forms from getting to Salesforce.
  • If you use the same form on different pages we can capture the URL which tells you which page leads are generated from.
  • Consider duplications – use a plug-in such as dupeCatcher to stop duplicate records if a user completes and enquiry form or signs up to your newsletter.

Web services API

The advanced API (application programming interface) option is available in Salesforce Enterprise Edition or above, and allows two-way communication between your website and Salesforce, for example:

  • Authentication for login to your website using details stored in Salesforce.
  • Directory information can be pulled from Salesforce and displayed on your site, and edited within your site by user, which is then passed back to Salesforce.
  • Ecommerce website product feed (pull), shipping information (pull), orders (push) and delivery paperwork (pull).
  • A 360 degree view of your users: What they have brought, which events they have attended.

Trademark Eagle Salesforce integration project

We helped Trademark Eagle to launch their business and become one of the leading trademark specialists in the UK.

This was a particularly complicated integration. The website pulls in a live data feed from the UK and EU Intellectual Property Office databases, which is a huge volume of data and requires some intelligent caching techniques. The site also synchronises with Salesforce to pull in the full pricing structure. This means that prices can easily be managed in a single place and existing clients records can be authenticated.

After a trademark has been purchased or an enquiry for a trademark review has been submitted, order details are pushed through to Salesforce and into TME’s workflow. This achieves centralised management of trademark registrations, enquiries, opportunities and customers.



12th November 18

Many thanks for our new website, I can’t say enough about how it’s tailored to suit our needs especially the seamless link with our Salesforce. It has revolutionised how we interact with members and has significantly boosted the profile of the organisation.

Jonathan Dickins – Club Secretary, Hawks Club

12th November 18

Granite 5 are a key partner for Trademark Eagle. Their expertise in web development, Salesforce, SEO & PPC has supported us in our journey from start-up to being one of the leading online trademark registration services.

Richard Gamble – Associate Director, Trademark Eagle

What are the next steps?

4 questions to get you started

  1. Which version of Salesforce do you use? Not for Profit, Enterprise etc…
  2. Will data need to pushed or pulled, or pushed and pulled to Salesforce?
  3. What information needs to be synchronised?
  4. How often does the information need updating, ie. live, hourly, daily…

4 steps to smooth website/Salesforce integration

  • Get in touch and tell us what you want to do
  • We’ll investigate further
  • Within a week we will give you realistic timescales and suggested budgets
  • If you like our plan and costs, then let’s fully scope your project.