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Since we migrated our own CRM to HubSpot in December 2020, we’ve fallen in love with the platform and now enjoy using the Sales and Marketing Hubs to great effect for our own business, and look forward to helping our clients realise the same benefits and impact on their organisations.

HubSpot success strategies

HubSpot is much more than a CRM platform, it provides an amazing solution for tracking your sales pipelines, nurturing leads, delivering your email newsletters, your social posts, amazing reporting and lots more.

HubSpot can benefit any size or type of organisation, however if you’re able to invest in HubSpot Marketing Hub, you’ll have access to unparalleled features and potential.

If you’re already using HubSpot, you can view our HubSpot partner page here.

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HubSpot expertise

HubSpot & WordPress

There are several methods we use to integrate your WordPress site with your CRM, including for businesses, membership organisations, and charities – and sometimes we use all of the different methods:

  • Embedding HubSpot data capture forms using iFrames is the simplest integration technique
  • HubSpot also provide a WordPress plugin we can use to do lots of the more straightforward tasks
  • Or we can use the advanced and feature rich HubSpot API to do pretty much anything we like.

HubSpot for membership organisations

HubSpot will suit the needs of nearly any type of business, and also works well for membership organisations with their unique and specialist requirements:

  • Create, configure, and manage advanced workflows to track and manage membership applications through preconfigured approval processes, including allowing multiple users to rank and approve applications, and triggering alerts to users when an application moves through the approval process.
  • Manage relationships between contacts, accounts, and campaigns, including parent-child, and organisational relationships.
  • Ability to track if applicants have completed training and be able to relate training status to a campaign.

September 2021

After using Salesforce for over 10 years, it was a huge decision to migrate to HubSpot, but I’m so pleased that we have. The automation and workflows within HubSpot have already significantly impacted our inbound marketing success, and we genuinely love the platform.

Jill Davies

Founder & MD

Granite 5

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