Website Integration

Integrate your systems & site to boost performance

From accounting systems to CRM, member portals to stock management, and bespoke database solutions, most organisations run multiple disparate systems to help them function.

Quite often the ideal solution is to get these systems talking, to reduce the need for manual processes, which can cause error and duplication with disastrous consequences at worst, and waste time or cause unnecessary work at best. Integrating these systems can solve a multitude of issues and help to drive your organisation forward.

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We’ve previously guided clients through integrations with


Logos of systems to integrate with a website including Xero, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Salesforce

Integrating marketing, sales, operations and finance with your website

What can website integration achieve for you?

Answer yes to some of these questions, and integration will benefit you:

  • My organisation has manual, time consuming processes
  • I have similar data stored in different places
  • My ecommerce website doesn’t link with our finance, inventory or dispatch systems
  • I can’t manage different pricing bands for different types of customer
  • I run membership and or events through my site and I’d like to allow members to book events.

There’re so many possibilities, even if you’re not sure whether it would be beneficial or feasible to integrate your systems, we can help you with the next steps.

Ready to start your integration?

We’ll start with these questions:

  • Which systems could your website link with?
  • Are the system’s cloud-based or on a local server?
  • What data/fields need to be synchronised?
  • Will the information need to pull from, push to or be bi-directional?
  • Is a live feed required, hourly sync or a less frequent data import?

Next steps to a stress-free website integration:

  1. Tell us about your pain points, frustrations, and needs
  2. Leave us to work out the feasibility
  3. We’ll give you a realistic timescale and suggested budget within a week
  4. Kick off the integration project and start planning a success.
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Salesforce expertise

We have successfully integrated many of our clients websites with the market leading CRM platform, Salesforce including for retail, business to business and not-for-profit organisations.

We understand the different workflows and uses of the platform including for sales, service, marketing, commerce, communities and membership.

Learn more about our Salesforce integration work.

Website on a smartphone demonstrating WordPress Sage payment integration

Payment gateway integration

We have integrated with the following mainstream payment gateways, Worldpay is where we have most experience and we find lots of charities like to choose Stripe.


Next steps

How can we help?

We can help you to save money, improve processes, reduce errors and make the most of your different systems by integrating your website directly with them.

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17th October 20

The Møller Institute's website is a critical part of extending our reach and reputation as well as driving revenue. We're pleased to have partnered with Granite 5 who I have found to be a reliable, proactive and effective digital agency.

Tim Hill – Head Of Marketing, Møller Institute

Tim Hill – Marketing Manager, The Møller Centre, Cambridge Tim Hill – Marketing Manager, The Møller Centre, Cambridge

2nd November 18

Thank you to the Granite 5 team for our new website and continued support as we develop our digital presence even further, and improve the user experience for our clients.

Leon Palmer – Marketing Manager, The Møller Institute

Leon Palmer - Marketing Manager - Moller Institute Leon Palmer - Marketing Manager - Moller Institute

5th November 20

You were really responsive during the whole process and ensured we got the website that we wanted, and it was very much appreciated that you delivered the new site on schedule. Thank you!

Nicola de Jongh – IT Sourcing Co Ordinator, Mundipharma IT Services