Discovery workshops

Measure twice cut once

The discovery phase of a project or campaign is where we get to dive deeper into your requirements, goals and stakeholders expectations. It’s where we present options, prioritise features and ask questions.

We need to build a detailed understanding of your audiences and their pain points and needs, your competition, your current situation and the markets in which you operate.

You could call the discovery our due diligence process to ensure that we deliver the best results.

Selecting the best channels, using the right technology, providing the most suitable functionality, and delivering the best UX for your users is only possible after discovering all of this information.

Our experience shows us that what an organisation thinks it needs and what it really needs can often be a little out of kilter.

The discovery may include;

  • agreeing / challenging your brief
  • uncover any hidden needs or expectations
  • agree KPI’s
  • making recommendations
  • future-proofing the solution as best we can
  • involving stakeholders
  • clarifying any assumptions
  • demoing solutions
  • making decisions
  • and agreeing our strategy to deliver your digital project.

Discovery Workshops


We facilitate discovery and planning workshops or brainstorming sessions with project stakeholders, ensuring that every voice is heard.

The deliverables, purpose and results vary from project to project, but these sessions are always really useful.

We often run through an impact mapping process to agree what features or requirements will have the most impact, which provides a useful prioritisation and determines budget and effort (see image above).

During a workshop for UKinbound we discovered the same newsletters were delivered to all members, but in fact we uncovered there were two very distinct different types of member that would benefit from very different content; business leaders interested in policy, and sales-focused members most interested in events and networking opportunities.

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Christian usually leads our planning and research process, including brainstorming with stakeholders, user research and discovery workshops.

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