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Our free website review is designed to give you an overview of how well your website is working to promote your business and a few ideas to improve its performance and search engine visibility.

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The free review covers six key aspects of website performance as detailed below.

  1. Design and usability
  2. SEO
  3. Indexability
  4. On-page ranking factors
  5. Off-page ranking factors
  6. Competitive analysis

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What could be included in a Website Review

The free review covers six key aspects of website performance as detailed below.

Design and usability

  • Simplicity – do the colours, typefaces and graphics make it easy for users to accomplish their task?
  • Visual Hierarchy – are the most important elements highly visible to users?
  • Navigation – is it intuitive?
  • Consistency – is the overall look and feel of the website consistent?
  • Accessibility – does it work on any device and in all situations?
  • Best practice review/convention – does it meet user’s expectations of a good website?

Technical SEO

  • Robots.txt – is your website blocking the search engines?
  • Meta-robots – are individual pages blocking the search engines?
  • HTTP status codes – are all your pages reachable by users and search engines?
  • XML sitemap – can search engines easily find all your pages?
  • Site architecture – how many clicks are required to go from the home page to other important pages?
  • Navigation – is your navigation accessible to the search engines?
  • Site performance – do your pages load fast?


  • Is Google seeing all these pages?
  • Do you rank for your brand?
  • Is it likely the website has been penalized by Google?

On-page Ranking Factors

  • Review URL’s – are they SEO friendly?
  • Duplicate pages – do you have multiple similar/same pages in the search index?
  • Content – is it substantive, informative, authoritative and valuable?
  • HTML Markup – do your titles and descriptions meet search engine guidelines and effectively describe your page content?
  • Images – are your images correctly labelled and optimised?
  • Out links- does your website link out to other trustworthy and valuable websites? Are they relevant?

Off-page Ranking Factors

  • Popularity – how popular is your website? How does it compare to your competitors?
  • Trustworthiness – is your website using any bad practices?
  • Backlink profile – are your in links from other websites trustworthy and valuable?
  • Authority – this is a combination of many factors. We predict your website performance through an assessment of your website domain authority
  • Social engagement – how successful is your website in its ability to attract social awareness and engagement?

Competitive Analysis

  • Comparison – overall, how well does your website score in relation to your closest competitor?


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