We work with over 14 membership organisations (August 2022), helping each to manage their members in the most streamlined, efficient and effective manner – with careful consideration to their budgets, resources and niche requirements.

The effective management of your membership can lead to greater retention, better engagement, and significant improvements to processes and resources.


  • Membership payments and renewals
  • Member education – CPD, courses, exams, certificates
  • Personalised member communications
  • Membership retention and acquisition campaigns
  • Member dashboards.
Salesforce integration & website delivery process
membership management solutions with Hubspot

Customer or constituent relationship management

We are CMS agnostic, our tech team can integrate with any platform but have the most experience with these leading solutions;


We use HubSpot to manage members for World Sugar Research Organisation, and also for Møller Institute and DC Norris.

We can setup auto-renewal reminders, CPD points notifications and automate member communications to engage and delight your membership.


salesforce logo - crm integration

Salesforce is used by Hawks Club, Save the Rhino and The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine to manage their member databases.

For FFLM, event registrations, CPD logs, and course purchases are managed through the website but data pushed in to Salesforce to provide a single point of truth.

Save the Rhino manage their members in Salesforce but also their shop product inventory, shipping charges, currency exchange rates and much more.

We’ve linked the Association for Nutrition website with their Subscriber CRM platform for seamless member management including management of membership upgrades, members CPD and training, and the collection of evidence to support their membership status.


D365 is used by British Society of Gastroenterology to manage their 4000 members, and provides single-sign-on for members to access gated content and other platforms.


We have integrated the Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce website with the Chamber Track platform. The chambers manage their whole operations through the system, including events, marketing, reports, sales and export documentation.


We also use other CRM’s: UKinbound currently uses ACT but we’re in the process of migrating to Bitrix24, the National Council for Training Journalists uses KIM for managing students, and the U3AC use Cambridge Kinetics to manage their members, courses and registrations.

Latest membership projects

Membership management features

Membership management covers so many different areas, from the simple process of renewing membership subscriptions through to curating forums, or providing event registrations to delivering multi-day international conferences.

The needs and budgets of every membership organisation can be very different, but we’ll help you to prioritise and focus efforts to make the biggest impact on your organisation and your members.


  • Automated subscription renewals and direct debits
  • Membership tier upgrades
  • Self-service features
  • Member only content and pay-per-view
  • Member to member communication
  • CPD logging
  • Evidence portfolio management
  • Event management
  • Automated personalised marketing
  • Digital transformation
  • Process improvement
  • Member research and focus groups.